Let never day nor night unhallowed pass; but still remember what the Lord hath done. – William Shakespeare


The sun rose at 7:48 this morning and the temperature was -9° Fahrenheit. On these bitterly cold, dark mornings I easily slip into silent complaints or audible grumbling.

But that’s not how I want to spend the winter months. So I decided to celebrate 30 days of Thanksgiving starting now, just like some people choose to do during November to extend the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. I’m going to cultivate a heart of gratitude to God during the difficult days of winter.

Today I’m thankful for warm layers.

Flannel sheets and fluffy blankets keep me comfortable through the night. (And Chester enjoys this cozy spot during the day.)

dog on bed

A plaid wool blanket beckons me to sit down and enjoy a cup of French roast coffee.

wingback chair

Wool sweaters provide extra protection from the cold.


Throughout my home I’ve spread invitations to be warm and to refresh myself.

penny rug

Making a home comfortable is worthwhile. It can set the tone for the day and bring joy into a stark, cold season.

How do you cultivate gratitude? Do you have any special rituals to keep warm during the winter months?

Seeds of Gratitude
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Tracie grew up with three sisters and a brother in a farmhouse surrounded by cornfields and relatives. She draws on that early foundation to write about her Christian faith, creative activities, and family life.

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3 thoughts on “Seeds of Gratitude

  1. A nice sentiment and a welcoming home shown in the photos. Though an oldie I have discovered the wonders of compression base layers from the sports world. Wonderfully cosy! As to being thankful, I guess I take lessons from those who somehow manage to find positives in the darkest of personal circumstances and show a generosity of heart. They are an inspiration – showing that the best way up if you are feeling blue is to find somebody who needs a helping hand or a kind word. Blessings are there to be found and counted for sure.

    I am enjoying your blog. It looks luscious. 🙂 Norman

  2. Your post felt really warm and comfy! And I just did a blog on that Kathleen Norris quote. I love it. Seeing it in a whole new light these days.

    Thanks SO much for stopping by and for the follow. I’ll check back often. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

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