I would fill two mugs with French roast and offer you my favorite Girl Scouts Caramel and Coconut creamer. However, if I baked white chocolate scones, you would be wise to drink your coffee black so you could savor the buttery treat to its fullest.

After discussing highlights of the past week or an upcoming event — and our kids, because we always talk about our kids —  you would tell me about the book you’re reading.

Then I would tell you that I finished reading Pioneer Girl and The Inspired Room this week. I planned to read Quiet next, but was intrigued by a GoodReads teaser and I’m already half-way through Home Is Where Your People Are by Sophie Hudson.

It’s a delightfully easy-breezy read as Sophie recounts growing up as a child of the 70s in the South. After another week of gloomy weather, Sophie’s dose of congenial girlfriend humor is just what I needed. In fact she’d fit in well with my circle of friends, and I wish she could join us for coffee today.

We could all laugh at our younger selves during the 80s with our big hair and shiny leotards/leg warmers for exercising. (I’m so glad there is no evidence of my turquoise and hot pink spandex on Facebook or YouTube. My kids are even more grateful, I’m sure.)

Laughing together is the best part of meeting up with a friend. Thank you for sharing both the hardships and joys of life with me, Friend. I’m a better person because of you.

If we were having coffee
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Tracie grew up with three sisters and a brother in a farmhouse surrounded by cornfields and relatives. She draws on that early foundation to write about her Christian faith, creative activities, and family life.

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6 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. Thanks for sharing coffee with me. I read Quiet not too long ago, and learned a lot about myself and how I interact with other people.

    1. Three people told me I HAVE to read “Quiet” so I’m looking forward to it. I wonder how many bloggers are introverts who feel more comfortable carefully considering there words before sharing them.

      I enjoyed reading a few of your posts, Kimberly, so thanks for the coffee date today. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  2. The scones are delicious. My reading on my blog so I won’t repeated. I just finished a book by Alice Duncan that I have been wanting to read. I am thankful that I won the copy on a giveaway by Alice Duncan. I find her stories light, easy reading and often funny.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your photos of fruit trees in bloom are so lovely, especially since our landscape is still bare and brown.

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