The eve of New Year’s Day 2018:

  • The Christmas tree is packed in a Rubbermaid bin next to the furnace.
  • My Willow Tree Nativity set is carefully wrapped, boxed, and tucked under my husband’s workbench.
  • Darling Daughter is flying back to her home in Texas.

View from My Sewing LoftAnd I’m back upstairs in my sewing loft, enjoying the view of fresh snow and a rising Wolf Moon. Our neighborhood is peacefully quiet, too. Of course not much stirs outside when the temperature is -3°F.

I click on my iron and sewing machine, press two pieces of fabric and piece them together for the back of a lap quilt. That’s enough stitching for today since tomorrow’s sunshine will bathe the room with light and possibilities.

My Quilt Project Status

I have five works-in-progress (WIPs) spread all over my quilting loft.

2018 Quilting Goals

This year my overarching goal is to have fun while finishing projects and emptying a few shelves filled with fabric. To measure my progress, I plan to do the following activities each month.

  • Track how much fabric I use (finished quilts and sewing projects).
  • Track how much fabric I buy.
  • Calculate net yardage.

One Monthly Goal – January

During January I plan to complete the Jelly Roll Twist lap quilt for my nephew’s birthday.

During September 2017 — when Moda Fabrics sponsored Project Jelly Roll — I pieced the quilt top. While working on the layout, my five-year-old nephew asked me who it was for. When I told him that I didn’t know, he said he would like it. So I’ll be happy to give it to him soon!

Jelly Roll Twist Quilt Top and Backing
Jelly Roll Twist Quilt Top and Backing Fabric

What fun projects and activities do you have planned for 2018?

Today I’m linking up with Elm Street Quilts’ One Monthly Goal and Beth at Cooking Up Quilts. I’m also participating in the American Patchwork and Quilting UFO Challenge.

January 2018: A Fresh Start in my Quilting Loft
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Tracie grew up with three sisters and a brother in a farmhouse surrounded by cornfields and relatives. She draws on that early foundation to write about her Christian faith, creative activities, and family life.

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12 thoughts on “January 2018: A Fresh Start in my Quilting Loft

  1. Ha, Tracie! I sew on a machine VERY much like yours! Mine’s a 500 I bought new in 1996, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been all over the US with me, my husband used it, my best friend used it, and I will use it until either it or I keel over dead. LOL I love the quilt you are doing for this month, and I wish you luck with finishing your goal. I have tons planned for this year – both new and UFO. It will be fun to see how much is finished. Are you going to do the Sunday Stash report with quiltpaintcreate? to keep track of your fabric use?

    1. My sewing machine is the 555—bought new in 2000. I still think of it as “new”! Thanks for telling me about the stash report because that’s new to me. I read a gal’s update on Instagram and thought it was a great idea. Have fun stitching your Christmas quilt!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Your Magnolia Mystery Quilt will be so cool. I was tempted to sew along on that one but focused on other WIPs last year. I hope you enjoy time at your sewing machine today!

  2. How sweet that your nephew asked for the quilt! I don’t blame him, though. Who can resist those smiling little fishes? I think your goals are GREAT: Have fun and use fabric!

  3. Hi Tracie! Beautiful view from your machine. Love seeing your WIPs.

    I’ll be looking for you at DCSQ next week! Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW, my niece has DS, also, which is why I’m interested in Jack’s Basket. Your comment came with no email, so forgive me for replying here!

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