Charming Bits in a charming neighborhood

Last week I traveled to Texas with my mom to visit my daughter, sister, uncle and aunt. What a whirlwind trip!

On Saturday my uncle and aunt brought us to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Since everyone but my daughter was raised on a farm, we enjoyed the sights and smells of the cattle and horses. The opening ceremony with the Six Flags over Texas was thrilling as the all the riders wove their horses through the flag bearers.

Fort Worth Rodeo

On Monday my sister brought us to the Magnolia Market in Waco. My favorite buildings were the Seed + Supply Store and the Bakery. Thanks to my mom I didn’t leave empty handed; she bought me a gorgeous coffee table book of plants. After looking through the book, she plans to buy a copy for herself. My sister bought the seasonal cupcakes for us to share once we arrived at her home. (The cupcakes are fabulous! Beautiful and just the right amount of sweet—pleasant, not overbearing. We enjoyed the Red Velvet with Peppermint, S’mores, and Lemon and Lavender.)

Magnolia Seed + Supply

Magnolia Bakery

I shared a few more photos from Magnolia Market at my Instagram account, @joyfully_tracie.

Charming Bits

My sister recently moved to the historic city of Gonzales, Texas. The homes in her neighborhood are stunning beauties from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (I shared a mini walking tour on Instagram). Before my sister made the big move from Wisconsin to Texas, I made her a quilt as a housewarming gift. The pattern is Charming Bits by Pumpkinberry Stitches, one of my favorite quilt shops in Minnesota. I actually bought the kit because I fell in love with the store sample; however, the pattern simply calls for one charm pack and a solid background to piece the top.

Charming Bits Quilt

I stitched a small feather design with my domestic sewing machine. I’m not an experienced free-motion quilter; yet, I think the resulting texture is beautiful.

Feather Meander Quilting

I think it looks charming in her historic home.

Charming Bits at Home

I even carried the quilt across the street for a glamour shot in front of her neighbor’s cottage, which is attached by a breezeway to a stately Southern mansion now serving as a Bed and Breakfast.

Charming Bits in a charming neighborhood

January Goal Update

Earlier this month I shared my finished Jelly Roll Twist quilt. Hooray, my first finish of 2018!

Jelly Roll Twist Quilt

During a bitterly cold stretch of days, I hunkered down and also finished piecing a Simple Diamonds flannel quilt for my son. I hoped to quilt it before I left for Texas, but my cute pooch who photobombs so many of my pictures wasn’t feeling well. Instead of quilting, I spent the day monitoring him and the evening at the emergency veterinary clinic. Thankfully he recovered after receiving anti-nausea medication and subcutaneous fluids. All to say, quilting Simple Diamonds will be my goal during February.

The Vault of Happiness

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I store my fabrics in a small cupboard that I nicknamed my Vault of Happiness. So how much fabric moved in and out of the vault this month?

Fabric Used

Jelly Roll Twist Quilt: 7.2 yards of fabric

Fabric Purchases

Squiggles quilt along with Christa Watson

  • Abi Hall’s Hello World: 2.5 yards
  • Green Grunge: 1.5 yards
  • J is for Jeep charm pack: .5 yards

Backing for Simple Diamonds: 4.5 yards

Total purchases: 9 yards

Hmm, my little cupboard door won’t close all the way, so now that I’m back home in the Bold North, I’ll spend some quality time with my sewing machine before the excitement of Super Bowl LII takes over. Our state is pretty excited to showcase the new U.S. Bank Stadium and all that the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area has to offer.

I’m linking up with the following fabulous quilters—check them out!

Charming Bits and January Goals
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Tracie grew up with three sisters and a brother in a farmhouse surrounded by cornfields and relatives. She draws on that early foundation to write about her Christian faith, creative activities, and family life.

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10 thoughts on “Charming Bits and January Goals

  1. Your quilt reminds me once again that simplicity is beautiful. I can almost feel the texture through my computer screen. The glamour shot is exquisite–from the details in the fence to the charming architecture to the way the colors of the background play with the muted colors in the quilt. It’s a good thing the neighbor didn’t see or that quilt might have been claimed by someone other than your sister.

  2. Vault of Happiness! I love that! Indeed. 🙂 Also LOVE the glamour shot of your quilt on the wrought iron fence by the (cough) cottage…can only imagine what the mansion looks like. The charm quilt )so effective, and beautful quilting, you rocked it) looks perfect in her home on the couch. Glad your fur kid recovered…we had a not happy ending to a similar type of incident in October…that ended, so painfully sad, and still not over it, on Dec. 9. thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  3. Wow, Tracie – nice job with the feathers. You’re right about it making a wonderful texture, and it’s a perfect quilt for her home, perking up the gray room without being the least bit jarring. Enjoyed reading about the Magnolia Market.

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