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“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”

magnolia blossoms

A Fragile Beauty


Beautiful Living

If we were having coffee, we would be sitting outside because warm weather finally arrived in Minnesota.

We would talk about signs of spring: mourning doves cooing for their mates, wild turkeys gobbling in the distance, the scent of freshly turned soil, perennials emerging in garden beds, and the last daffodils still blooming.

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Seeds of Gratitude

Let never day nor night unhallowed pass; but still remember what the Lord hath done. – William Shakespeare


The sun rose at 7:48 this morning and the temperature was -9° Fahrenheit. On these bitterly cold, dark mornings I easily slip into silent complaints or audible grumbling.

But that’s not how I want to spend the winter months. So I decided to celebrate 30 days of Thanksgiving starting now, just like some people choose to do during November to extend the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. I’m going to cultivate a heart of gratitude to God during the difficult days of winter.

Today I’m thankful for warm layers.

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