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Wisdom and Humility With Age

Today I’m beginning a 31-day series entitled “Midlife with Purpose: Set Apart, Not Set Aside.” Each day during October I’ll be sharing a few thoughts or quotes from books I’m reading on the topic of midlife. You’ll find the introduction to the series on my web page Midlife with Purpose: 31-Day Series.

No wise person ever wanted to be younger.

Do you agree — would you want to be younger? Does wisdom come with age?

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I: The Loneliest Letter

As a teenager I began to notice beautiful monograms and lettering in magazines, which led me to the study and practice of calligraphy, or decorative handwriting. I employed variations of both the Gothic (blackletter) and italic scripts to address envelopes, personalize award certificates, and create frameable wall art.

My dream was to someday create illuminated letters, such as those pictured in the photos below from my copy of J. R. Rosen’s print of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Isn’t the intricate detail amazing in a letter less than an inch tall?


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